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    – What head mount do you use (i.e. Google Cardboard or better alternative)?
    A: Google Cardboard, Version Ritech 3D II
    – Do you use Trinus to play games or for other stuff?
    A: Games of course, it’s definitly prior.
    – Did you find Trinus difficult to set up?
    A: Not really, it is time consuming to find the perfect Screen Settings, and you are never sure if its perfect. Sometime it seems, that every Game has its own “better” settings.
    – What are the main issues you have encountered?
    A: The Wifi Connection is Bad and playing with USB plugged sucks. I know there isn’t much we can do (although WiFi 5GHZ should be enough). Anyway
    – Is current performance good enough to enjoy it so far?
    A: Well on USB its ok. We know it’s not Bugfree so we also had Crashes and freezes, especially on WiFi.
    – Do you feel comfortable playing for long periods?
    A: Every Person is different. And Every Game is also different. Like everyone uses individual Hardware also. So It depends on these things and also on settings, if they are good or bad.
    – How long do you play with Trinus on average?
    A: I can play an Hour or two, but that would be my maximum.
    – Are you using USB, Wifi via router (if so, is PC wired to router or via Wifi as well) or Direct Wifi (trinus hotspot)?
    A: WiFi, i use my generic router, and the connection is not that bad, but cause of latencies, the quality of gaming is not as good as with USB. The other way USB plugged in is bad, and it is not possible to plug an USB with all Cardboards. So i would recommend focusing on optimizing on WiFi. (We have 5ghz and Xbox One Streaming already, i don’t think that it is really that bad)
    – What are your thoughts on Trinus, in general?
    A: I like the idea and the intention behind this. It is definitly a genious act. It has really potential. If Advertising and software fits, you may get a big fanbase on this. And with a big fanbase, you can do bigger things.

    That’s my 2cents.

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    I dont have to squint, it happens automatically when wearing the lenses, and thatswhy i think its because of the lenses, not the trinus settings and like said, my focus accustomates automatically like if nothing happened and im fine with it for now, the adjusting ist really fun, i already tried ingame adjusting additionally, so i know how to adjust.

    What i mean with disortion is that ingame it looks a little like whole image is curved/bent into the middlepoint of the screen. The adjusting screens show me that the circles are ok and the squares are also normal. I guess it can be the lenses or the intended 3D effect but i think its the warp and lens position options. Maybe i will try to figure it out later, when i got time.

    But for now the uploaded settings are good/enough. Thank you for your help.

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    Do you also have an OPO?

    Now i changed, all red frame is visible now, how is this?


    When i look into it i squint first and then suddenly my eyes accustom after i tried to “dream”-focus. It then works good. And when i take off the VR it is all normal, without squinting. However, it is better now, but not perfect.
    Anyway, I noticed a little bit disortion but i could manage to fix it with the warp settings yet.

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    Hello guys,

    i made a Profile for the ritech 2 and OPO

    Fake3D is on Auto, and sensor is off

    its definitly not the best setting but i could test further

    i tried to create a profile with Fake 3D OFF but its much harder to optimize
    also with off i cant disable sensors for some reason. On Advanced i turned off sensors: No Sensors, but my mouse is still used as a sensor. It only occurs when Fake3D is Off. Maybe @loxai takes a look into that

    in reply to: ShareVR / Trinus VR (Versus or Feat.?) #3272

    Thanks for your Reply

    Well, i see. I hope you were right at least.
    I hope you can optimize the code still. Community could contribute but i guess thats not open Source. Anyway, my wishes for the best. 😉

    in reply to: Support for Ritech 2 3D Lenses + OnePlus One #3265

    will check it out

    the thing is, that it would be unfair to many other HMDs, because i already saw settings for Homido for e.g.

    Then we have to find another solution.
    Maybe the community could be able to create configuration files for Phone and HMD and upload, so people can download modular config files.
    So Loxai can concentrate on other stuff

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