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    – What head mount do you use (i.e. Google Cardboard or better alternative)?

    – Do you use Trinus to play games or for other stuff?
    Both, Trinus is the most reliable and consistent VR app I’ve found

    – Did you find Trinus difficult to set up?
    Not terribly. The fact that all the help is built into the app is great, no running around Googling terms

    – What are the main issues you have encountered?
    I’ve had a few issues, such as the pointer being offset (posted a bug report in troubleshooting), zoom and scale not making picture small enough on huge LG G3 screen (posted a suggestion in general), and now lens correction causing a blank screen since the Android app was updated (posted a bug report in troubleshooting)

    – Is current performance good enough to enjoy it so far?
    Yes! It’s awesome! Elite Dangerous is amazing with this

    – Do you feel comfortable playing for long periods?

    – How long do you play with Trinus on average?
    An hour or two at a time

    – Are you using USB, Wifi via router (if so, is PC wired to router or via Wifi as well) or Direct Wifi (trinus hotspot)?
    USB tethering with Android phone

    – What are your thoughts on Trinus, in general?
    I wish it were open source, it’s a really exciting app and I can barely wait to see the problems I’ve been having solved. I’d stay up all night trying to fix it myself if I could!

    in reply to: LG G3 or Samsung S5? #3929

    What’s this about the G3’s USB being slow? Is this an issue with the software? I just got a G3 specifically for VR yesterday and haven’t noticed an issue. I’ll test later. I’ve been thinking of wiping it and putting an AOSP rom on it anyway. Proprietary Android OS’s always suck.

    in reply to: Mouse cursor offset in 1024×768 #3851

    Oh, I see. I didn’t realize the error was window-specific.

    Also, I tried compatibility mode for Windows 7 and disabling DPI like you suggested, but that had no effect. Going from your theory that it’s something with the zoom settings, I tried border cropping the left side and it worked! The cursor is now in the same spot on my phone and my computer…..but now I’m not able to see a large portion of my screen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)