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    -What head mount do you use :ColorCross

    -Do you use Trinus to play games or for other stuff: other stuffs like a project

    -Did you find Trinus difficult to set up? Not really, it’s pretty easy to use, but i guess there is a lack of options when we are using the computer, for instance,I’d like to copy the game screen to device while i’m using facebook or other thing i’m my pc, so i’d like that the devide worked as a secundary monitor.

    -What are the main issues you have encountered? The question above answer that.

    -Is current performance good enough to enjoy it so far? Yes.

    – Do you feel comfortable playing for long periods? Yes, i did’nt see any problem using for a long time.

    – How long do you play with Trinus on average? It depends, as I use for project an avarage one hour and half.

    – Are you using USB, Wifi via router? Wifi, It’s too unconfortable use the cable, because it’s no longer as I need

    – What are your thoughts on Trinus, in general? This is the app that I really need, because the others don’t have the effects that I need, as fisheye, or are no faster as it is.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)