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    in my not professional opinion, i would go with the largest resolution that fits in your mount.

    my mount fits up to 6 inches, and i’m working on getting a phone just for the mount(so it will only work with my VR setup) and due to budget, i’m getting a cheap china phone with a 5.5 inch display @ 1920X1080p but if i could get a better resolution for the same price, i would go for that, as i hate seeing pixels.

    but it really is a personal preference. if possible, i would ask someone at a phone store, if i could try out a demo model in my VR headset, to see the differences in quality(just using the cardboard app will do for a test)

    and i would go wired, to get the least amount of latency, but if you have the option of using wireless, without too much latency, you can do that too. for me i like to have my computer on the internet, so i cannot connect directly, and the other way is too slow for me, i get motion sick due to the latency, so i’m using a USB connection and have it set to auto adjust quality to get the best results.

    tl;dr its personal preference that determines it, if you can do it with the 5.1 inch display, and it looks good to you, then go for that, or if the 5.7 inch 1080p screen fits your bill, use that. there is no simple answer, but this is what i have of experience in the field. again i am not a professional.

    in reply to: using moonlight closes trinus #4343

    for some reason, if i try to launch a game, with moonlight, it crashes gyre, if i then launch gyre again, sensor readings are not being used in game. not even mouse, but they will work if i then go out of the game, lucky enough i have a new sollution, since i recently got a TrackIR, it allows me to use it for movement, while using the phone as a screen only.

    not the most elegant sollution, but it works for my purposes. and arma 3 is awesome this way 🙂

    in reply to: using moonlight closes trinus #4039

    i will try that Jpwinks001. just hope it can be fixed, would be annoying to have to do this every time i launch a game.

    in reply to: using moonlight closes trinus #4029

    no errors, it just closes as the game is launched.
    i set it to mouse, so i could follow it, and as soon as the game is started, trinus shuts down.

    tracking works fine if i use any other capture method.

    only crashes i have, are if i change quality while its connected. but i can live with that.

    any ideas?

    in reply to: Moonlight gamestream recommend settings ? #4026

    i would lower the bitrate, i’m doing 720p 60 for the most part, and at 15 mbps it looks good enough for me, not perfect, but good enough. but try playing around, changing mbps and pother settings. who knows, might be able to bump mine up to 1080p 60 if i wanted to, and had the network for it 🙂

    in reply to: bluetooth? #4025

    okay, my knowledge is limited, so i don’t know.


    – What head mount do you use (i.e. Google Cardboard or better alternative)?
    i’m using an AFUNTA Creative 3D VR from amazon, with a magnet mod, so i have a magnet switch for cardboard apps. and soon it will have cooler as well, as its thermal sollution is very bad(only when charging, or playing demanding games)

    – Do you use Trinus to play games or for other stuff?
    i’m beginning to, i’m trying out different games, and settings to find the optimal settings for my system.

    – Did you find Trinus difficult to set up?
    not particularly, but someone with little knowledge about it, might find it a bit difficult at first.

    – What are the main issues you have encountered?
    latency and frame rate. latency can get quite high, if settings used are high enough, and framerate also takes a drop if settings are too high. but i can get it to work just fine.

    – Is current performance good enough to enjoy it so far?
    that is a tough one to answer, considering its a matter of opinion and geeks(like me) might go to deep into it, but for my setup, it seems good. it could possibly get better, but that’s up to you(the dev) to do.(i have no clue how)

    – Do you feel comfortable playing for long periods?
    not really, but it’s mostly due to my headmount not fitting on my nose, so it starts to hurt after about 2 hours of playing, but a quick 15 minute break fixes that.

    – How long do you play with Trinus on average?
    not much so far, playing with some vr settings and a few of my games to find optimal settings for me, and possible ways to increase performance(looking into reverse tethering, to see if it makes a difference)

    – Are you using USB, Wifi via router (if so, is PC wired to router or via Wifi as well) or Direct Wifi (trinus hotspot)?
    i’m using usb for now, but i’m planning on trying all the different modes, to see if i can get usb performance using wireless alternatives.

    – What are your thoughts on Trinus, in general?
    its awesome beyond words. it makes it possible to use almost any smartphone as a vr solution, instead of spending X amount of money on a professional solution.

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