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    about “Thing is. I was trying to run elite dangerous and it works fine but the head tracking is awful”

    Really i think is the best native headtracking…
    But was experiencing a little drift. Not like when i used trinus on smartphone (was a lot of drift!)
    (i assure you i followed troubleshooting about “Sensor drift/orientation issues”)
    I can experience the lack of external camera checking automatically my head orientation.

    In past version like 0.5.5 there was a native tracking i suppose can be used to reset when in central position automatically? When will be reintroduced? whit this option trinus psvr could be near perfection!

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    i have checked again slider precision. I was wrong and it’s perfect.
    Was a mouse problem. Using arrow keys and i was able to adjust pixel by pixel to reach a perfect centered image!

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    mail sent to

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    No problem about e-mail. I suppose you recive a lot, and i’m glad to see your reply here.
    1st of all: sorry for my english, i write from Italy

    I’m talking about both: steamVr and not steamVr games:
    In both cases we have a couple of images in front of our eyes, and differnces between the 2 images make 3d depth sensastion.

    To reach confort the center of each image must be aligned with the center of respective eye.
    So if i have 62 mm between the two eyes, images must be 62 mm between them.
    If everithing is done right both eyes will have theyr images in the middle of fovea and 3d will gain depth.

    But we have tho other problems: Differnt cardboard, smartphone, lenses, prismatic effect. How we can deal wit all these parameters?

    In optometry we use different test to know the position of eyes and image of retina.
    Two of them are very easy to be done with cardboard and are adapt to place the images in the exact center of user’s retina.
    1st-shober test (i have one prepared for cardboard)
    2nd-disparity fixation test (i already have one prepared for cardboard)

    they are a couple of images that could be projected in smartphone (actually i used the gallery for my test.)

    These test could be integrated in Trinus and IPD slider could be moved to adjust them.
    I’ve noticed that IPD slider in trinus move the images a lot… and with this method we can achieve the best result.

    i’m sending a mail with the 1st file.
    Let me know if arrive!

    Best regards
    Alberto Gieri

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