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    Hi, I’ve recently started to use trinus, for three days or so.

    – What head mount do you use (i.e. Google Cardboard or better alternative)?
    Google Card board with android smartphone.

    – Do you use Trinus to play games or for other stuff?
    Using as a head mount display to operate PC for work in a bed, when my health condition is not so good to get up.

    – Did you find Trinus difficult to set up?
    Rather difficult because documentation is less than I expected.
    Especially, Adjust-Lens has little documents.

    – What are the main issues you have encountered?
    – I cannot find out how to setup the trinusVRserver to capture always whole display but not focusing on a main window. Currently, I set up Capture as “Compatible” mode.
    – I want to place PC display on a ceiling to see it when I lie in a bed facing upwards.

    – Is current performance good enough to enjoy it so far?
    Very Good.

    – Do you feel comfortable playing for long periods?
    Feel rather uncomfortable for long play.
    Card board sometimes makes small pain on my forehead and the eyes get dry.

    – How long do you play with Trinus on average?
    1-2hours. If it is more comfortable, I want to use it 8 hours for my work.

    – Are you using USB, Wifi via router (if so, is PC wired to router or via Wifi as well) or Direct Wifi (trinus hotspot)?
    WiFi via router, PC is also connected via WiFi.

    – What are your thoughts on Trinus, in general?

    Thank you very much about so nice product.

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