Trinus Gyre, virtual reality PC gaming in your pocket


Trinus Gyre transforms your Android device into a affordable Oculus Rift, please read this page for instructions on how to set it up. You can find download details here.

VR technology is pretty cool, and it seems that it is finally becoming mainstream thanks to headsets like the Oculus Rift. But it is still a bit pricey.

Our Android phones (and tablets) are so powerful these days. They already have large hd screens and orientation sensors, so why not make use of those features to create a VR experience, especially now that we have cheap headsets like the Google Cardboard (or even better options like the Durovis Dive, ColorCross, etc.)?

Trinus Gyre integrates all the software required for an enjoyable VR experience. As a low cost VR solution accessible to any Android user, it is compatible with most Windows games with mouse look (e.g. most first person shooters). Additionally, thanks to the use of wifi connection, it allows for a completely wireless experience (so you can rotate 360 degrees… or more!). Here’s a sample of gameplay with a few different games:

2 thoughts on “Trinus Gyre, virtual reality PC gaming in your pocket


    Hi. Congrats for this great app!

    I’m still ordering stuff to use it but I was thinking: how do you see the keyboard while wearing the glasses? Is it difficult to play Flight Simulator X (lot of buttons) in virtual reality?

    If this is an issue, how about letting the user assign an easy-to-access button to access the device’s back camera in a sort of small pop-up frame inside Trinus Gyre? Personally I would prefer a toggle button.

    Plus, neither my smartphone nor my tablet have gyroscope. And I just found out all popular devices won’t have it as well. I was thinking if it would work if I buy an Air Mouse and plug it either into an android device or the computer. Would Trinus Gyre detect it as a gyroscope?

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: I could not find any way to sign in to the forum.

    • I do have plans to add camera support (in fact part of the code is already there, but other priorities are delaying it).
      Most modern smartphones/tablets do have the required sensors to do the tracking (with better or worse precision). An air mouse solution is not feasible, although you can opt to that by directly connecting it to the PC. But again, most likely your Android smartphone does have the sensors required.
      I suggest you try the free version of Trinus Gyre and see how it works with your hardware.
      You can use this link for forum registration:

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