Me too…

recently I upgraded my phone to Android ICS, and it was all good and fun until, during a social event, I realized one of my old projects, MeToo, wouldn’t work anymore. That I didn’t like.

MeToo is a simple photo taking app for Android that uses both the front and back camera to take two pictures and merge them. The aim of the app is to be included in the picture that you take: have you noticed that you usually don’t show up in your photos? that’s because you are on the wrong side of the camera (you’ve been wondering about that, haven’t you?). With this app you can take a crowd picture of your family and friends (or colleagues, or bare acquaintances) and be included in it!

So, with a long weekend ahead, I decided to take a detour from current Odd sheep projects and fix the old code. It should now play nice on any Android device with Gingerbread (2.3) or later… as long as it has two cameras. So go get it now while stocks last!

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