Welcome, player one!

I’m Xavier, a UK based software developer that came from outer… Spain. I’ve been instructing computers what to do since the days of the Spectrum (that was in the 80’s… I was so young back then…), and it is a great entertainment for me when they listen!

I enjoy developing cool and innovative ideas, and I fiercely type them for hours and hours (and some milliseconds) when the inspiration comes. I have a regular IT job during the day*, which gives me financial stability but (unfortunately) no creative space, so I dedicate the night to work on those shiny concepts that I like, fighting code and keeping the memory banks safe from bugs…

I’m not Batman**, but if I managed to give a reasonable comparison between me quietly sitting in front of a screen and the dark knight being badass I think my intro is done… yeah… probably not. Anyway, I also like retro gaming (mostly collecting, since playing takes too much time), flying, fun (in general, I’m not picky)… long walks on the beach… and… other stuff, why are we talking so much about me anyway? oh, right, my website… well that’s good enough for now.

Visit the blog for the latest (documented) news, or use the images on the left to jump to a specific project. Thanks for visiting!

* Actually, I quit my job. Now I work day and night on Trinus VR!
** That certainly needed clarification, people keep asking