Jan 20

Speccy in a frame

Skip the reading and go here (or there) if you just want to get your hands on a framed Speccy as soon as possible! 🙂

Some time ago I bought a ZX Spectrum as part of a garage sale lot (from ebay, actually). It wasn’t working so I decided to disassemble and re-arrange its parts, frame it and hang it on a wall. It looked so good that I thought it would be nice to share it with others… at a price because, of course, the raw materials are not cheap, especially the computer itself. Even faulty units are costly.

Before dissecting them, I make sure they don’t work (no functional Spectrum was harmed in the production of the frames). If they only have some minor issue I try and fix them. Either way, it makes me happy to give this beloved piece of history a second life, a place to shine.

This is a way for the grown up kids to remember it, and for the next generations of kids to learn about its existence (even if they are like “duh, that’s just old crap” – well excuse me smartass, but if it wasn’t for this now you wouldn’t have… er… iPants, GameStations or whatever is cool these days!).

In any case, I do hope these framed piece of history inspires nice discussions about the good old days, when things were made to last and music wasn’t so loud.

At some point I decided to expand and try framing oldschool gamepads, to see if they looked good. They do!


If you would like one, please visit my shop at Etsy and Folksy. Or, you know, contact me… I’m right here 🙂

May 27

about the sheep…

so, how it all started, you ask? oh, you didn’t ask, well, ok, I’ll tell you anyway…

it was a cold winter night. In the street, the shadows under the orange sodium lights were pale and shaky, as if the freeze had swallowed them from the inside…

… actually, that seems like a nice story, but not quite the story… I started making video games shortly after I begun playing them, as a kid, with a ZX Spectrum, one of the first affordable personal computers with a staggering 48kb of ram and 3.25 Ghz Mhz. I won’t go grandpa style telling you old memories, but the thing is that, since those early days of computing (and of myself) I’ve enjoyed coding and, more specifically, game development.

while professionally I have taken a more ‘serious’ business IT route, I’ve tried to dedicate some spare time for game development now and then, specially with the advent of mobile platforms because… well, let’s say just because… or because I like gadgets, portable ones, and casual gaming…

it wasn’t until I first got a cheap Android tablet in 2010 and found out it was Java oriented (my main coding language) that I got more into it. That’s when Happy sheep was born, kind of something resembling the idea of a games company but as a personal workshop, a name behind which I would develop concepts that crossed my mind, always looking for some innovative twist or feature.

Fast forward to 2012 and… well, only the name has changed (to Odd Sheep, you see, that’s this site) but I keep the same spirit: my desire to create fun for others and have fun while doing it.

and why the sheep naming, you ask? oh, you didn’t ask…