0.92 outdated? but 0.98 did not show me 120hz

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    What is ‘direct mode trick’?
    Tonight I’ll try with 0.9.2 fresh install over 0.9.8 to pass the 60 fps lock.
    I created a custom res in nvidia panel, but I don’t know what’s direct mode. I tried only one time to click on it in steam vr option (enable direct mode) but the screen of the visor goes red as soon I click in the other monitor (needed to do to launch game).



    The direct mode trick is this:
    I’ve one monitor 60hz (my new monitor is 75hz and work) set to main display and to left screen.
    The PSVR is setted to 90/120Hz. Install trinus 0.92 and from the install folder enter on ext folder and copy the phonevr directory and replace all files if exist to SteamVR driver Folder C:/Program Files x86/Steam/steamapps/SteamVR/drivers.
    After this start trinus 0.92, start the trinus psvr, after calibration start SteamVR (it work to 60hz) now right mouse click on the little windows of steamvr and go to Enable Direct Mode, SteamVR rebooted without Direct Mode but with 90/120Hz and without jiggering.



    Same problems here with FPS…
    I have downloaded the PATCH but my anti-virus went crazy with it and after scanning it in VIRUSTOTAL it gave 17 alerts.
    Is it really safe to install?




    The little patch app has been working great since you first released it. Today I turned on the PC and the file was gone. When I try to re download it Windows says there is a virus and stops the download. Downloaded on a different PC and transferred it to my gaming PC. When I try to run the app windows says it’s infected and deletes it. Since it worked for so long I assume this is a windows update that caused this. Anyway around this? I tried the latest PSVR version and still having low FPS issues.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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