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    Very good news, folks!

    Maybe I’m just too dumb to realize how to setup the protocols right or I accidentaly discovered a way to unlock hundreds of games (500+) from this list to Trinus Gyre:

    How? I was having a hard time trying to make Trinus Gyre work for Ship Simulator 2008 when it suddenly started working, as related in this topic:

    After closing all the apps I had to figure out how to make it work again and that’s the theory I came up with:

    The creators of the FaceTrackNoIR made a protocol they call FreeTrack20 based on the original FreeTrack. The original seems to be outdated for years while FreeTrack20 has been upgraded and tested on plenty of games, including Ship Simulator 2008. By the way, 2008 was the year of the last update to the original protocol AND the year TrackIR became encrypted. So I guess Ship Simulator 2008 was “shipped” encrypted then, right? But this game was tested and listed as compatible to FreeTrack20 over the last years. So I went to test it with FaceTrackNoIR to see what I could do to hack it into Trinus VR when all of the sudden it started working.

    I have confirmed now that Trinus Gyre only works for this game AFTER running FaceTrackNoIR. I remember seeing in their wiki the protocol only had to edit 11 bytes in-memory to decrypt TrackIR. Well, it seems when they do it, it stays decrypted in-memory so Trinus VR is able to connect using normal FreeTrack protocol! =D

    Or maybe the protocol requires an external app to work along Trinus VR and no one told me!

    Step-by-step tutorial:

    1) Just try Trinus VR first. It may work out of the box.

    2) Check if your game is listed as compatible to FreeTrack20 in this list:

    3) Install FaceTrackNoIR (just the full installer):

    4) Start FaceTrackNoIR and select FreeTrack as the game protocol.

    5) Press Start button in FaceTrackNoIR. I tried it later with no webcam plugged in and it worked fine, but it would be better to use a webcam and actually see if FaceTrackNoIR is really working.

    6) Stop FaceTrackNoIR (may leave it open though) and launch Trinus VR using FreeTrack protocol.

    7) Trinus should work now (even after closing FaceTrackNoIR).

    Well, got 500+ games to test now! =)


    I have been trying to get The headtracking working using the instructions include in this post. I am having no luck so far. I am playing rFactor 2. It is on the list of compatible games for FreeTrack2.0. I am using Tridef 3D to split the image and Trinus VR to send it wirelessly to my Galaxy Note 4. I can get the game to run in 3D and get it to play on the phone. However, Headtracking is not working in any way.

    In FaceTrackNoIR(1.7) Ihave tried to set the Tracker source as AIC Inertial Head Tracker, Point Tracker 1.0, Face API, and FaceTrackNoIR UDP. None of these have worked to allow the phone’s hardware to be used for the source tracker.

    I have the game protocal as FreeTrack 2.0

    Also I have tried to get it to run with the FreTrackNoIR program running and not running.

    I am using the default profile on The FreeTrack program.

    FOr The Server Port I am using 5556 and have set it appropriately on the Trinus server and the Freetrack Software. My FreeTrack seems to be trying to connect to the PSEye I had connected when trying to get an IR headset to work (No luck there either).

    I am at a loss. I use triple screens to race in rF2 and if I cant get the head tracking working I cant look into the turns as I do now with the triples.

    Any help getting this working would be awesome.


    1. Start Trinus VR
    2. Activate Advansed mode
    3. On Main tab Choose sensor output: OpenTrack redirect
    4. On Network tab Sensor port:5555
    5. Press Start button and Start button on client side too (run steraming)
    6. Start FaceTrackNoIr or Opentrack (recomended)
    7a. In FaceTrackNoIr TrackerSource (1rst Master) choose: FaceTrackNoIr UDP and press Settings button
    8a. Set port-number:5556 and press OK button
    9a. Filter choose Accela or nothing
    10a. Game protocol choose: FreeTrack 2.0
    11a. GO tab: press Start button
    12a. Start your Game thar support FreeTrack
    7b. In Opentrack Tracker tab choose: UDP sender and press … button
    8b. Set Port: 5556
    9b. Protocol: freetrack 2.0 enhanced
    10b. Filer choose: Accela or nothing
    11b. Controls tab: press Start button
    12b. tart your Game thar support FreeTrack

    Good Luck

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    It appears that the above steps have gotten the tracking working, however, they are not translating into the game (rFactor 2) yet. I suspect that it is an issue with the game as I was unable to get the headtracking working with an IR ball cap and converted PSEye configuration. I’ll delve deeper into rF2 forums and google to see if I can find my answer.

    Thanks a ton for the help in getting me this far. I’ll report back if I find a solution.


    These steps are both FreeTrack and TracIR, not all games support. In the settings Opentrack / FaceTrackNoIr tracker tab, open the Settings and choose or just FreeTrack or just TrackIR. Save the order of steps suggested by me earlier. Game intercept the protocol only if it is detected at startup (ie, the game starts last)
    Or you like do this: First, Start TrinusVR with FreeTrack Sensoroutput, Start Client and Server both. Second, Run your game.

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