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    So I am having issues with getting this game to work. I have tried multiple things and searching around on the internet has not helped in the slightest.

    Basically I’m trying to play Alien Isolation in full HUD VR with headtracking enabled and I want to use my Xbox Controller.

    This all works up-to the headtracking part. I found a mod to enable steamvr support for the game as well as Oculus support, though Steamvr has a huge list of problems for me, such as the headset always being tilted regardless of calibration, not being able to use my Controller and headtracking as they’re conflicting controls, etc., so im trying to avoid that. as for the Oculus setting, I’m more than a little lost as it just crashes saying I dont have one setup.

    I’m using HooToo Ultra VR Box with my Samsung Galaxy s6 and I have Trinus set to Mouse tracking (obviously not using Keyboard Mouse Controls so I assume thats where the problem with the Headtracking and controller conflicting stems from), which brings me to my initial approach.

    I originally was using the Game Capture Mode instead of General or steamvr as that was the only way for it to pick up the games image, but doing that doesnt seem to let me use headtracking at all. im really stumped here and have been trying anything I can think of. I dont remember it being this hard to do this, but mabey I’m missing something? Any and all help appreciated, as I have basically just been playing it in glorified 3D and am wanting the full experience. Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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