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    I’ve searched the web high and low and low for anything on this, and haven’t found much so far.

    I did find a related post on here on the “VR Sky Cx3 compatibility” thread dated 2 weeks ago, but I thought I’d start a specific thread on Niburu, since I’m guessing that’s maybe the problem.

    Trinus VR lite works really well on my LG G3, presumably due to the 2k screen. It’s very clear with hardly any noticable pixels. The only problem was overheating (in my BoborVR z4 headset), and short battery life, since charging while using made it even hotter.

    I therefore took the plunge and bought a 2k all in one headset. It’s working really well with everything else, a screen to match the G3’s, fast, and very comfortable. A much larger battery and no overheating problems, even when being charged in use.

    It even has an HDMI in socket, which also works well, (once you find out how to zoom the display to fill the frame).

    The main idea though was to use it with Trinus, and there lies the problem. When I run the Trinus lite app, I just get a black screen.

    I guess it’s because of the Niburu OS layer running on top of the Android 5.1.

    Has anyone any info on any workarounds ? or any knowledge of Trinus maybe working on the problem ? I’d very much like to buy the full version of Trinus, but I guess it won’t work on my All in One either, if the lite version doesn’t.

    I could use my Headset with the direct HDMI input and clip my Trackir on it and get VR tracking that way, but I’d have preferred the trinus way if possible, since it gave such a good result on my G3, and with far fewer wires etc..



    Damn…. !

    I have such a job remembering the spelling of that word.

    In my previous post, please read “Nibiru” for “Niburu“.

    Also if possible, it would be handy if a moderator could correct my spelling in the thread title, it may help others landing here on a google search.



    I’ve now just tried “Riftcat” on my new Nibiru 2k all in one, and it works ok, so the fact that it doesn’t work with Trinus wouldn’t seem to be an insurmountable task.

    I would much prefer Trinus though, because that will work with any PC application, and on less powerful (host) equipment.



    I’m all ears to anyone with a solution. I can get the VR Sky C3 to work via wifi, but not via usb. For some reason Trinus can’t get a usb server setup or something even though I can see the headset on the file explorer. The wifi is horrible because you can only use 2.4 ghz band, need 5ghz for it to work right.


    I recently released Trinus AIOVR, for All-In-One headsets. It allows connection via Wifi, USB or (best) hdmi.

    Regarding USB Tethering, it seems to be problematic, at least with the headsets I tried. I’ve contacted Nibiru about it but no response so far.
    Trinus AIOVR includes an alternative USB mode (USB via ADB) but it is not as fast as USB Tethering (and requires enabling debug).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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