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    Hi there people! I have a PSVR and after finish Resident Evil VII on PSVR I though “wow…alien isolation will be sick in VR” and then I googled and found out there is a way on PC. so I bought the game (again, but for PC) and wasted like 4-5 hours with strange bugs and issues, but I finally got the PSVR working on the PC.
    So I have this issue…I can see those things while playing and it’s breaking the experience for me –

    I tried changing the settings in TrinusVR, but nothing helped.
    Do you guys have any idea how can I fix this? Interesting thing is that the FIRST time the TrinusVR worked in SteamVR…the problem wasn’t there. Since then…nothing fixed it.
    Oh and another thing – the game feels weird. Like…it’s VR yeah, but it’s not like I’m really there…I mean (haha) I know I’m not, it’s just that…in RE:7 when I looked up I knew “how close” the ceiling is and how far to stretch my arm to touch it. In A:I it’s not like that…things feel weird, but I don’t know why. Is it the mod for the game? Is it the scale or…something else? It just feels not good enough and weird and…off (maybe things feel a smaller?!)

    Thanks for reading! Cheers and thank You, the developers, for making this fantastic software ^^

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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