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    Hi, I have been trying to set up my PSVR V2, which I normally use with my PS4 Pro (and it works great) to work with my PC in order to watch some 3D sbs movies and play some PC VR games. I’m simply unable to figure this out. The online materials are conflicting, the few tutorials are out of date, and nothing seems to work. Here’s my setup:

    – PSVR V2 with all original cables
    – PC with nvidia 1080ti gpu with one hdmi output. I connect from that to the PSVR box. Motherboard has an IGPU which I use to output to the desktop monitor.
    – I’ve installed Trinus, the drivers it comes with, and SteamVR.

    The headset gets recognized under display settings. However, there’s no usb device in the device manager, and all the headset displays is a desktop wallpaper.

    When I start Steam VR, it will make my desktop monitor all black and that’s it. I can get the tiny Steam VR window to show up when I alt-tab.

    If I go into display settings and change the PSVR to be the default display, Steam VR will do the black screen thing on the PSVR.

    I don’t know how to progress. Any tips would be highly appreciated.

    What media player do I use to play sbs movies? I saw SteamVR comes with some sort of media player, but that doesn’t actually output a 3D image, just a 2d image of the sbs picture (two images next to each other inside a window).

    Thanks a lot.


    I got it working, thanks! The usb cable wasn’t plugged into the PC. The cable I saw was actually for something else! That solves it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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