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    hi loxai, first i love trinus gyre, it’s a great app to show how vr will be soon.

    Well, i’m french, sorry for the translation.
    i saw on a website, a video showing the new feature on vorpx, the cinema mode. You can play in vr with a decor like your home with a big tv , you can turn around to see all the room.

    Is it possible to integrate partially this feature on trinus?
    you have juste added vr mode for the menu, we just need the same thing when trinus is on streaming. You can look the game stream like a real tv, it’s useful when the HUD is not completely visible at the corner of the screen.
    This option would be good only for third person game or real time strategic game but incompatible with first person game because of headtracking.
    I don’t know if it is clear but i hope you like this idea.i forgot one thing, we don’t need a decoration just a screen like the “AAA VR Cinema Cardoard 3D SBS” app(free).


    Not sure if the OP is in the correct category. Anyways.

    This “cinema mode” where the stream viewport is detached from the users gaze is something that could be accomplished if trinus could use Internal tracking”* and would be a feature which would make Trinus really versatile.

    Example: imagine being able to stream your app or desktop to VR player for android at low latency as with Trinus Gyre VR. (cant be done AFAIK)

    This would minimize tracking latency (and therefore simulation sickness) and maximize the usability of trinus with any desktop application. Most of which would lack head roll from using mouse look alone.

    This could even be used to fake head roll with mouse look by tracking roll in the projected space while keeping pitch and yaw locked to the users gaze.

    *Internal tracking: The device generates its own projection space and handles the orientation (and possibly position) without the need to send tracking data back to the PC.

    Hope you read this loxai and consider it if only for further discussion.

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