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    I haven’t tested a lot of games but here’s a list of some I know that do work. I think there are plenty that will work well (at least most FPS with Mouse mode and Fake 3D).
    Please post other games that you tested successfully, adding comments about the experience, issues, etc.

    GZ3Doom: Mouse mode, Native 3D (type vr_mode 3 in the console to set SBS)
    Dear Esther: Mouse mode, Vireio for 3D
    Crysis 2: Mouse mode, Native 3D
    Amnesia, Dark descent: Mouse mode, Fake 3D
    Rise of Flight: TrackIR mode, Fake 3D
    Condor gliding simulator: TrackIR mode, Fake 3D
    Arma 2: TrackIR (should work with the latest update, which includes TrackIRFixer), Fake 3D
    Dirt 3: TrackIR (with TRFix), Fake 3D and Windowed Mode B

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    I’ve not tried these with a headset/frame/thing, so I can’t vouch for the 3D part, but the following are working with a lag-free image with some form of input:
    Flight Sim X – works with mouselook, not tested TrackIR yet.
    Falcon 4 Allied Force – works with TrackIR.
    Freespace 2 – works with TrackIR with community modded Freespace DLL.


    Cool, thanks for the report!


    Ive had ArmA3 working with Freetrack and fake 3D, Elite Dangerous with native 3D and mouselook and DCS World with native 3D but no head tracking so far.


    Thanks, I have to review the tracking protocols as they are not working properly for some games.


    I forgot I’ve also had it working with Space Engineers (fake 3D and mouselook) and Crysis 2 (native SBS 3D, but didn’t try headtracking) connecting either through Wifi or a normal (as in not reversed) USB tether.


    DCS should work with the new TrackIR fix (download update server)


    I tested yesterday Half-Life 2 at windowA mode, with Greedy video quality, using USB Tethering and using mouse like sensor option and worked in amazing way. Probably at every fps game that use mouse to turn the camera will works very well with mouse sensor option.

    I’ve had an error during the usb Tethering connection, saying like “This video port is already in use”, So I use 7778 like video port and worked very well.



    Hi all! I’m really interested to this project! I’ve ordered 2 days ago a colorcross vr for my optimus g. I want to use it with assetto corsa. Anyone tried trinus gyre with this game? Assetto Corsa was compatible with oculus rift and I’m curious to know if, with this software, the game work like oculus. Thanks in advance!


    @AndreFX Sorry dude but VR games on Steam ( requires Oculus Rift dev credentials and uses fullscreen mode.

    Might work with Tridef, but it isnt listed, so I wouldnt bet the farm.


    @wewewi thanks for the reply. It’s a bad news for me. I hope to find a solution in the next days


    I’ve tried the test app with assetto corsa and with trackIR sensor works like the oculus rift but framerate it’s too low for now (10-15 fps). I don’t know if it’s a problem with my device (LG Optimus G) or with my connection. Anyway, this game is compatible with trinus!


    Games i’ve tried with (Nexus 4)

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky – avg 18 fps
    Dear Esther: avg 15 fps
    Bioshock: avg 7 fps

    My thoughts: prob need a higher-end phone with atleast 2.0ghz CPU and USB2.0 connectivity (usb tethering)


    Yesterday i just played around a couple of hours,
    games i tried on my HTC m8 with USB2 Tethering:

    – Only If – didn’t start, everytime i tried to capture the window, the game seems so freeze. After closing the Trinus Gyre server, game resumes and was playable normally.
    – Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs – same behavior as Only Of
    – Amnesia: Dark Descent – Justine – managed to get run with Fake 3D, mouse mode, with lowest configurable settings; runs with about 30 fps, noticed lags every now and then…
    – Portal 2 – runs with Fake 3D, lowest settings; Trinus Server writes about 30 fps, but feels like a new frame every 3 seconds…
    – FTL – works great xD No real 3D game, but runs smootly xDDD

    Still didn’t figure out where’s the bottleneck, my System configuration (Alienware m17RX4):
    Intel i7-3630QM @ 2,40 GHz
    8 GB Ram
    AMD Radeon HD 7970M

    connects over USB2 to my HTC m8
    Android 4.3.3
    Qualcom Snapdragon


    Euro Truck Simulator works perfectly over wifi, keep sensor type to mouse. Question is if you want to sit through the actual game 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 78 total)
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