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    “ok got it. You have to run trinus gyre server as an administrator.”

    I thougt Trinus had the code to elevate itself to administrator. I have windows 8.1, and I never launched it as admin, and it works fine.


    Launching Trinus as admin is useful for Mouse Look mode as far as I can say. Though Skyrim worked for me with mouse look without launching as admin, but Portal 2 didn’t. I’m using Windows 8


    @Nazar, thanks for the tip, added to the troubleshooting section

    , it wouldn’t be a very secure OS if an app could set itself as admin 😉 not saying it cannot be done with some hacking, but is certainly out of the scope and intentions for Trinus Gyre

    in any case, I should try to find a solution without getting admin rights


    @loxai, I didn’t meant to elevate itself by hacking, I mean the legal way, asking permision to windows, that may end asking permision to the user depending con UAC configuration, like many apps do.


    ah, ok, sorry I didn’t get that. I don’t really know how the app would ask for admin rights, so for now it will have to do with the ‘Run as Administrator’ option… until I figure out what’s the deal with the mouse issue.


    right click on the shortcut, properties, compatibility and at the bottom under privilege level, run as admin. Windows 7.



    “GTR2: TrackIR, Vireio 3D and Windowed Mode A
    By the way, I have problem with sensor reseting, with both Fake 3D and Vireio 3D. It doesn’t work.
    It seems like the game detects the reset like a very fast head movement …
    Every other game I have tested with TrackIR, sensor reset worked like a charm.”

    I have the same problem when using TrackIR in GTR2. My ingame view appears to be locked to the right, when resetting it’s only centered for one frame and the hopping back to the right.

    I’m trying to do a VRBoost profile for GTR2 following this guide:
    But until now I’ve not been able to determine any camera variables. Feel free to give it a try, I will try again soon.


    Once you have the camera angles in VRBoost, how can you tie them to Trinus ?


    Perception can use control them with FreeTrack, OculusTrack or Hillcrest Lab. Trinus Gyre could be set to FreeTrack, Perception receives the input and controls the camera angle. However I’m more interested in getting a stereoscopic 3D image because my images are identical. Thought I’d need a VRBoost profile for this.


    Ahhhh, very intereseting !!!!

    So vireio needs to know the variables that handle camera translation in Xaxis, so he can modify it when the second render it’s done.

    The problem is that the tutorial you posted is for finding camera rotation, not camera translation. And in a car game, we can’t move the car in the Xaxis, only YAxis(forward, backward),

    PD:When I tested it with my cardboard, I didn’t realize that it wasn’t real 3D :-O
    When my colorcross arrives I’ll be able to do better tests.


    Well, the camera position also is just a bunch of variables in memory and should be detectable the same way.

    “And in a car game, we can’t move the car in the Xaxis, only YAxis(forward, backward)”
    This is not right. Imagine you start at 0,0 and drive forward to 0,1. When you turn right your camera is not at 0,2 but more like 1,2 or something. So xAxis is affected as well.
    There still is a problem though. Because we can’t move straigt in one direction (like strafe walking in shooters) it’s much harder to determine the right variable. There are over a million variables in a basic time trial race. Many of them are changing constantly.

    Best to try CheatEngine yourself to see how it works. I want GTR2 in real 3D because sense of speed in a formula 1 car is great on a monitor already. But it’s probably scary in VR w/ 3D. 😛

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    I was wrong. A VRBoost profile is only needed for camera rotation. You need a shader profile for real 3D. GTR 2 runs in 3D when I select the rFactor shader profile that comes with Vireio. It’s not perfect though. I’d like to do a profile for GTR 2 myself (this should be easy since Vireio can create its own profile from shader analysis) but the BRASSA menu isn’t working anymore in GTR2 for some reason.


    I just found out enabling V-Sync makes capture mode A work in games that would only work with mode B. Verified succesfully for Grid and Dirt3

    Blyss Sarania

    Games I have had success with(using Tridef for SBS):

    Metro 2033
    PCSX2(PS2 emulator)
    Fallout 3
    Fallout New Vegas

    Using DXWND:(See )

    Microsoft Flight Simulator X
    Burnout Paradise
    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2012)

    Stuff that failed(but in Tridef, not Trinus):
    PPSSPP(PSP emulator, it uses OGL)
    Quake Live

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    Blyss Sarania

    Tridef media player works with Trinus too. Even with “Fast” and in Fullscreen (and on an AMD card) but fullscreen seems to lag it badly. Putting the media player in Windowed mode makes it work nicely.

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