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    Blyss Sarania

    Not really games but I’ve been having good luck with:

    Firefox + fake3d in trinus(for web browsing/internet video)
    VLC media player + fake3d in trinus

    Trinus captures both just fine.


    Elite Dangerous works, but I can’t seem to get it dialed in. Anyone have some presets that work well with Google Cardboard and Gyre?


    DreadHalls works but I cannot get the up and down look to function. Pretty neat but handicapped (can’t look at items)

    Blyss Sarania

    Working with nullDC + fake3d in Trinus. (nullDC is dreamcast emulator)


    rFactor 2 worked with compatible, Fake 3D and mouse (I just miss a steering wheel, lol).

    GTA IV (1st person mod) worked too, but need to find a better config to decrease lags.

    Shirayuki Mizore

    Everyhting seems to work pretty well.
    So far I’ve tried :

    Battlefield 3/4
    Crysis 2/3
    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
    School Mate 2 (xD)
    Mirror’s Edge
    Blade & Soul JP/Rus
    Assassins Creed Unity (btw gameplay is shitty even on real oculus rift)
    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim + Mods (this is best game so far)
    Amnesia the Dark Descent

    Ok I guess thats all 😛
    I’ve got like 250+ more games to check so Im gonna update the list.


    rFactor is very impressive. I’m running tridef, and because rfactor supports all rotations (with trackir I think; yaw, pitch, roll) and translations(TX, TY, TZ), it’s the best game I’ve tried so far. (Free movement and real 3d!! yeah!)


    Can anyone help me, how should I setup DCS,ARMA 3 and Falcon 4 BMS exactly .
    I don’t know how I can set the resolution an Aspect ratio in those games.
    The trinius gry works perfect in wifi connection and the head track function too.
    Please help me!
    My monitor native resolution is 1650×1080 and the mobile (huawei ascend P7) is 1980×1280.
    And the other problem the video playing. How should I play the 2d and 3d full HD movies in best resolution on mobile screen? Because in windows mode is not show the good resolution.

    Do I have to do the lens calibration only once or every new program start ?


    Adding 500+ games to compatible list:

    I created a whole new topic to keep this one clean since those games are yet to be tested and require a temporary workaround.


    Dream ( seems to work reasonably well.

    Currently playing it in mouse mode with Moonlight streaming and Tidef with Oculus addon to get stereoscopic 3d and barrel distortion. There are occasional problems with shadows and other effects. Text on various ingame objects can be a bit hard to read and there is at least one puzzle that requires you to notice a thing that ends up being at the very edge of your peripheral vision, but in general it’s a pleasant experience.


    AlvaroB, I wanted to know your setup for rFactor 2 for position tracking.
    What are you using? (Paper trackers? IR LEDs?) and how do you have your hmd set up?


    Hello loxai
    Recently you have created topic on this forum:

    But your link to War Thunder guide for VR is broken:

    Could you please post another link or any guide how to configure War Thunder?


    Indeed, that page is no longer valid but all the info you need is in that post you linked (and here in the forum too)


    Outlast works great with Trinus and TriDef / Vireio Perception.


    Among the Sleep with Fake 3d, mouse, and in a Gear VR. Haven’t quite got the screen right (has some curvature where the words at the bottom of the screen are really low.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 78 total)
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