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    So, I was excited to purchase Trinus VR for my S9 on daydream but I could not get the demo to connect at all, which it seems is a common problem in the pre-release. So, while that is worked out, I bought the cardboard version. If anyone else is in the same boat I am, here are my lens settings to get a nice curved and clear projection of a full screen 1080p NON-VR game on your Daydream with Trinus Cardboard. I’m using a Galaxy S9, mileage may vary with differently sized phones etc. Witcher 2 is what I’m currently using this for and on ultra via USB it’s great!

    Also, if I can get some tech support to get proper Trinus VR working that would be 🙌

    Homido 5.1′
    Screen X:56
    Screen Y:49
    Lens X:50
    Lens Y:52
    Scale X:14
    Scale Y:14
    Warp X:0
    Warp Y:0
    Warp Z:0

    Once I try a first person VR conversion, I’ll post daydream lens settings for that too 👍


    thanks i will try these out so far the gearvrA seems to be working fine, i was able to connect controller using driver4vr and played some vivecraft

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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