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    [Head mount model Gear VR Option B] [Galaxy S7 Edge 5.5 inch screen]
    Screen X: 46
    Screen Y: 50
    Lens X: 50
    Lens Y: 51
    Scale X: 52
    Scale Y: 52
    Warp X: 72
    Warp Y: 8
    Warp Z: 0
    Chroma: 24

    So far this is what I currently have for Lens settings (I just learned how to fix the HUD so I will be getting a better version for this. Later but for now


    Same Setup more zoomed in around the edges
    Screen X: 51
    Screen Y: 51
    Lens X: 50
    Lens Y: 50
    Scale X: 100
    Scale Y: 100
    Warp X: 60
    Warp Y: 25
    Warp Z: 5
    Chroma: 24


    I own the three except for the Huawei. IPhone 6s – most natural photos, perfect skin tones, what you see is what it shoots 950xl – zoom in and count the hairs, spots and wrinkles. Close to DSLR quality.
    S7 – unnatural colours but bright and vivid When I want to take photos, I take the 950XL, when I want to take photos and use a phone for more than just making phone calls, I take the iPhone. Sorry Samsung, nice looking phone, rubbish OS and only Ok’ish photos.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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