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    Hi all,

    I first tried Trinus for PSVR on my old laptop and despite the graphics card not being powerful enough, I was able to get this working and convinced myself sticking with my PSVR would do when I bought my first gaming PC, until I had enough money for a rift.

    Now…I have bought the gaming PC and now I can’t get this to work!

    I think the issue may be that Windows won’t detect my PSVR as another display. So basically, I can’t extend it to another screen, which is what I seem to remember doing on my laptop and that made it work? I could be completely wrong though.

    Now, on the gaming PC when I go to the “display” section on the control panel and click “detect”, it comes up in red writing saying “Didn’t detect another display”.

    I’ve got my PSVR turned on and I can see my desktop no problem at all through the goggles, but when I try and use the Trinus software it just splits the screen to the left part in my left eye and right part in my right eye and I can’t navigate about.

    Can anyone help me at all?

    Please note, I have been a console user for 25 years, so this is all very new to me. Be gentle 🙂

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 9 months ago by Avatar brakecheck101.
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