Do i need 120hz main display to actually use 120hz on TrinusPSVR properly?

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    ^ title
    any thoughts appreciated


    afaik, there are two options:
    – set all displays at the same desired refresh rate (so yes to your question)
    – set PSVR as the main display




    you have another option : the headless adapter. Using the PSVR as the main display can’t work properly because you need the main window to be in front in order to interact with keyboard and mouse (if you need it).

    So in order to reach 120hz, you can buy this :

    It will simulate a 120hz screen. But you might have only one HDMI output on your video card. You can in this case use a Displayport to HDMI adapter but you will need an active one. All passives are limited to 60 hz and won’t help. here is one example :

    Now you have the headless adapter, plug it in your PC (keep the screen too).

    Now this is how i do it : launch the game, verify that that SBS view is in the headset (using windows key + shift + arrows if needed to place it properly). click on the “non SBS view” to make sure it is in front and shut down the main screen. There you are, HMD is @ 120 hz for much less than a 120hz monitor.

    Loxai while you’re here, do you have any roadmap of Trinus PSVR updates ? Thanks.



    Hey Josua,
    Just wanted to say that your solution worked, thank you so much!

    I still need to use the headset as the main display though right?

    Another thing i was thinking about is using the breakout box passthru hdmi slot for the Headless GS.
    I’ll try that tommorow and post the results.

    Thanks again šŸ˜€




    I’m using my real screen as main, and when I switch it off, the Headless become main. HMD remains a secondary screen all the time.

    About the Headless in the breakout box : screens on the breakout box are not seen by windows from what i tested. Keep us posted if you find anything šŸ™‚



    i just did this



    hello. I’m new to trinius. I tried all,forcing custom resolution,bypassing psvr “control box” and don’t know what. so my question is can someone confirm with screen of fps in game. Really thinking to get one of those 2 solutions, or headless or dport converter. I mostly play Assetto. but what ever i tried render app in game shows or 60fps or only 30.Tried forcing both 90 and 120hz diferent resolutions..i mean i tried really everything.
    Thanks in advance.



    Vlado, you need a headless AND a DP converter if you have only one HDMI out.

    I’m not going to take a screenshot but I can confirm it is working on IRacing for me.

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