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    For both Trinus VR and Trinus AIOVR.

    I’m using Trinus with Android 8.0 “Honor 8 Pro”, Win7 x64, nVidia 1050 Ti, TP-Link with 5GHz Wi-Fi.
    At first I installed Trinus VR. General mode worked fine, but without tracking (mouse mode or etc). SteamVR mode didn’t pass anything.
    After that I tried Trinus AIOVR and SteamVR. It worked, both image and tracking were great.

    Than I installed PlayStation services and stuff (for PS Move controllers). And now I have the same problem described here http://oddsheepgames.com/?topic=no-screen-pic
    Main Steam mode gives me yellow screen and head tracking (with huge noise), PC shows game image as usual. Alternate mode shows blank screen and no tracking. SteamVR starts as usual.

    So, first thing I tried is to reboot PC and start SteamVR without PS Services. Failed. Than I reinstalled Trinus VR driver. Nope. Now I’m here.

    I can provide you with any logs necessary as well as some type of remote debugging. I’m really curious about that bug.

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