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    So I got everything working accept for SteamVR to recognize my Android phone. Im running the 64bit version of Trinus v2.17 (Which is the attest version I think) and have the app installed on my phone.

    It connects perfectly fine via USB 2.0 and it is always showing me a capture of whats going on on my screen (Like im typing right now, it does showcase the window of my browser) but still SteamVR wont notice it.

    I have:

    – The driver installed

    – Tried running Trinus first THEN SteamVR, yet nothing.

    – Pressing the on/off button in the app while in SteamVR, still nothing.

    If it helps, I am running the trial version just to see if its viable, hopefully that isn’t the reason why Im experiencing problems. And also, I do NOT have a PS4 Dualshock or Xbox One controller, only my G27 Wheel.

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