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    I’m totally amazed … what the hell does Fake 3D do ? Its really amazing.

    I received today my cardboard, and I tested with some S3D Games: Doom 3, Avatar, Skyrim, DIrt 3 …
    Then I tested it with F1 2012 and Fake 3D, and it was the best experience till the moment.

    Then I tested again Avatar, Skirim and Dirt 3 with fake 3D, and I think that its better than with real S3D, there is like less flikering and still a lot of Inmersion …
    This is maybe because I have double framerate ?


    I really love it, I don’t have to choose anymore between games I can run in 3D, I can play any game that runs in a window with DX !!!!!!


    fake 3d is not really a 3d it is the same picture copied for each eye.


    Thats what I though when I saw it without the googles, but with the googles looks amazing !!!!!


    I too have found that fake3d makes a huuuuuuge difference in framerate.
    If the game is struggling in SBS/tridef/vireio turn it off, leave it running default and tell gyre to do fake3d. Framerate improves a LOT.

    Personally the 3D is nice but I’d rather have decent framerate and have it feeling responsive. For games like elite dangerous it’s the difference between a laggy unplayable mess and something that’s pretty fun 🙂


    indeed Fake 3D simply repeats the same image for both eyes. while losing the 3D depth (which is nice, but not extremely important) you do get a performance boost, since the image to process and stream is half the size.


    “while losing the 3D depth (which is nice, but not extremely important)”

    I have the impresion that because of the FOV (the real one, not the virtual one in the GAME), our brain makes some kind of 3D reconstruccion, because it feels like real 3D to me.


    How about device-sided fake 3D? The client sends 1 image, the app instances it, instead of sending the instanced image from the client, so that the connection usage stays the same with and without fake 3D, though it would depend on the device’s processing to instance the image and stream it.


    I’m a bit late to the party with this post, but I figured I’ll throw my 2 cents in anyway. I was messing around with L4D2 with Vierio and was trying to use the settings they have to change convergence and stuff and it didn’t work too well for me. My eyes kept bugging out and it didn’t feel great overall. I decided to flick it into fake3D mode and I had a much better time with it. Although there might not be a “3D effect” I could still sense scale and everything that you just don’t get with a monitor. For example, looking up at a tall building and feeling it loom over you.


    Tridef Ignition has a “fake” 3D which gets the depth from the Z-buffer and makes some edge compromises to fill the missing information…They call it Virtual 3D and it has almost no impact on the framerate. As example, it works surprisingly well with NFS:Hot Pursuit 2010 and Flatout: Ultimate Carnage

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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