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    Hi guys,

    Currently am playing Fallout: New California using Trinus VR and working quite nicely for seated VR.

    Details that I use:
    1. Run FNC in 800×600 resolution 4:3 aspect ratio (tried custom 640×720 for 8:9 but Fallout does not like that aspect ratio, menus are unusable)
    2. Use Fake3D coupled with Dynavision 3 for DOF (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/51577), personally I find DOF effects helps add more 3D effect without stereoscopy
    3. Joy2Key/Antimicro to map gamepad buttons to keyboard/mouse, I try to match XBOX 360 controls, dispensing away with VATS button because I don’t use VATS at all
    4. Use right analog stick for main mouselook control, while using mouse sensor mode as fine tuning
    5. Connect phone to PC using wifi tethering (PC as wifi hotspot)

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