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    Thanks for creating this unique and useful software. I encountered a few usability issues and have a few suggestions and observations.

    Sphere lenses

    Some headsets have a sphere window to the phone. This makes the slightly rounded lens image transformation inadequate and content is still cut off. A sphere preset would be helpful as this would make more content usable without zoom or HUD transformations.

    Server software usability

    The PC software is tricky to work with when connected because the mouse movement from the headset interferes. Ideally head tracking mouse integration should be disabled by the software being the active window. Additionally reverting values is difficult and would be aided by putting the numeric config values in text boxes beside the sliders and describing the defaults ion the integrated help. Exporting the profile and editing in a text editor is possible but is a very clunky workaround. The hud creator on many occasions skewed the displayed screen image to half width making creating the template more difficult.

    Game mode limitations

    Game mode cannot be zoomed, have visible cursor, or use huds. This makes working around content cutoff impossible and some aspects of games require lifting the headset (picking character in overwatch). This may not be fixable due to drivers and architecture but if so the server software could better describe the lack of impact.

    Gotcha / fyi with USB extensions

    Not a bug but more of an FYI you might consider for documentation. I attempted to run over USB with a roccat sova lapboard extending the usb tether cable. This is pushing the limits for usb signal (20ft) and I got a bluescreen. Probably best not to use USB tethering with usb extensions.

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