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    Hi Xavier !
    First i need to thank you for your awesome work on this app. I just purchase it, and I very like it. It’s a good beginning even if there is still a lot to do.
    I’m using the galaxy S5 plugged with usb connexion and a GTX 780 /intel Corei7 @3.8ghz.

    The quality picture set in very high and 800×600 is quite good, slightly better than Limelight in 1080p 60i/s and a lot more stable. I don’t know why, but the compression is less visible and the latency rock !!
    So maybe the games are a bit more pixelisated, but the latency is more accurate and this is a major feature for VR.
    There is still some strange bug :

    – TrackIR with Dirt 2 and 3, and even NFS shift 2 is inverted (probably because of the galaxy s5). So i have made an alternative script using Freepie to fix it, and with additional hotkey (ctrl+ C) to center the view. So maybe you should add more option in the tracker setting.
    here is my script :

    def update():
    global yaw
    yaw = filters.deadband(math.degrees(filters.continuousRotation(android[0].googleYaw)), deadband)
    global pitch
    pitch = filters.deadband(math.degrees(-android[0].googleRoll), deadband)
    global roll
    roll = filters.deadband(math.degrees(-android[0].googlePitch), deadband)

    if starting:
    deadband = 0.01
    centerYaw = 0
    centerPitch = 0
    centerRoll = 0

    yaw = 0
    pitch = 0
    roll = 0
    android[0].update += update

    trackIR.yaw = yaw – centerYaw
    trackIR.pitch = pitch – centerPitch
    trackIR.roll = roll – centerRoll

    if keyboard.getKeyDown(Key.LeftControl) and keyboard.getPressed(Key.C):
    centerYaw = yaw
    centerPitch = pitch
    centerRoll = roll

    Maybe you should add number input in the lens setting, so we can adjust with more precision.

    I hope the full screen mode will work soon because tridef is the best option for 3d depth and optimization…. if somebody knows a workaround.
    Have you look around the Geforce streaming optimisation (like nvidia shield, limelight, or splashtop) ?

    anyways Thanks a lot ! I pretty sure this app will be a best seller in the future. You got first in line 😉

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