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    (This is to discuss games where your character is mostly on-foot rather than piloting a vehicle and aims to help us all discover what are the best experiences to be had using Trinus.)

    I just played my first game with Trinus:
    Unreal Tournament 1999 version with both mouse-sensor and using a real mouse too. Fake 3d.

    I was amazed how intense it was. Even with fake 3d. The ‘people’ are huge and right there with you. Getting killed feels disturbing. If anyone has tried a similar game with actual 3d SBS how does it compare? Is the 3d effect worth the frame rate hit?

    I also quickly felt sick. I was getting about 55 frames per second reported by Trinus and over 200 fps reported in game. Was it a bad idea to try such a fast paced game? Is it a bad idea to use both a real mouse and head controlled mouse? I next tried switching off the Trinus sensor and just using real mouse to look around but that reduced the immersion. Has anyone tried a FPS using joypad to control movement? Does that work better or worse?

    PS I was using a cheap cardboard head set but I replaced the lenses with cheap but wide (37mm diameter) ones. I had the game running in a window at exactly half my phone screen resolution. FOV set to 90degrees. Trinus set to Ultra quality.
    I had gone through the lens calibration carefully.
    I was also using proper EAX on an actual Soundblaster card with full sound occlusion working. That bit was fantastic.


    I have been playing Halo Combat Evolved with trinus. Up-close and personal with those covenant! 🙂 I find using a game pad better than trying to look around with my head so i have the head motion sensitivity low so i can look around a little but use the stick for major movement.


    I looked at the Be a Winner page you put here, although I’m not a beginner, I recommend visiting this page for it will give the first push of starting to think like an FPS gamer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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