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    I’d rather not necro a 4 month old thread, so here’s my set of problems with FreePieIO and SteamVR

    Using a simple mouse control test script it appears that FreePieIO does not work with Trinus while using SteamVR. I cannot see any changes in the display mirror or on the phone screen.

    I’m using FreePie v1.10.666.0 and Trinus v2.1.5

    the test script I use is this:
    if starting:
    x = 0
    y = 0
    z = 0

    x += mouse.deltaX
    z += mouse.deltaY
    y += mouse.wheel

    freePieIO[0].yaw = y
    freePieIO[0].pitch = x
    freePieIO[0].roll = z

    #coordinates testing
    #freePieIO[0].x = x
    #freePieIO[0].y = y
    #freePieIO[0].z = z

    I know sending values via FreePie does work because in RiftCat (albeit using freetrack) I can see that the view moves according to my movements. However TiftCat does not support controllers and the video stream doesnt work for me, (and I like Trinus more :P) so I’d rather use trinus. I can open up RiftCat, have the FreePie script running in the background, and send the display mirror of SteamVR to my phone using Trinus, but this is super laggy and is definitely not the way to go about things. Any help is appreciated!



    I also made a video showing it not working:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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