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    Having tried every fix I could find/think of myself and still not getting it to work properly, this forum is my last hope.

    As the title says, picture quality is fine when I run SteamVR on 60 fps (PSVR (Rev. 1) is at 120hz, I always confirm through Windows and Nvidia before and after starting SteamVR, had to create a custom resolution to get the 120hz option), when it runs at 90 I get really bad ghosting-like images and getting it to 120 seems impossible for me.

    My monitor is an ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR, so it’s capable of 120hz and whenever I plug in my PSVR it automatically switches to 1080p120.

    So far I’ve only tried the standard cabling, I have read about a way of connecting the PSVR directly to the PC, but I just can’t figure out how the cables are supposed to go and what I have to start when.
    I’ve also tried changing many options in SteamVR including turning on/off asynchronous/interleaved projection, disabling advanced supersample filtering, enabling always-on reprojection, manually lowering application resolution. Direct Mode seemed to work better, but I couldn’t see my fps and wasn’t able to start games while keeping it.

    Steam sometimes shows Compositor/Application as red, but I couldn’t see any difference and it seems to happen randomly every other time I start my PSVR.

    EDIT1: I forgot to mention I’ve also tried setting PSVR as the primary display, made no difference, I can run 90fps with either display set as primary and the ghosting happens on both.

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    Hy! I have the same problem on the newer versions.
    The last version that has no ghosting issues for me is 0.9.2

    Here is the installer for 0.9.2 (It’s my Google Drive):



    Thanks! I tried it with this version and although I still got the same issues at first, once I went through all that I described above again I got it to run properly after I set the resolution to 100% instead of the recommended 200% Steam was giving me.
    Could’ve just been my Graphics Card unable to handle it but I went and checked 150% and 120% and both times the ghosting pictures were just as bad as on 200%, weird.
    Not completely sure but it might be running at 120 fps now aswell, I have no real way of checking other than counting the frametimes with SteamVR.



    Did you try to use the CRU Utility? I had to use it to get 120 Hz option in Windows display settings for the PSVR display.

    I used this tutorial:
    (Scroll down to the bottom where it says: “Hey, where’s the 90Hz mode?”)



    Windows already let me choose 120 Hz once I made a custom profile with Nvidia, but I guess CRU works better.

    I just noticed I never even mentioned my Hardware Specs: 1060 6GB & i7 6700@4.2Ghz, 16GB Ram
    But yea, it was definetly just a Hardware issue, it’s running fine now at 100% resolution instead of 200%, don’t know why the first time I tried it it didn’t change anything but now it does.

    Frametimes are under 8ms even with VSync on so I guess this confirms it’s running at 120 Hz aswell.

    Thanks again. 😀



    I’ve looked into this some more over the past two weeks, the setting that made everything look like 120 Hz was Always-on Reprojection, as far as I can tell that’s basically the same as what the PSVR does when connected to the Playstation, but the weird thing is that I only ever get realistic GPU Usage (around 80%) in my Task Manager when this is enabled. Once disabled, GPU usage just drops down to 30% and I get the ghosting frames again.

    This happened on all the Trinus Versions I’ve tried so far, pretty much starting from 0.9.2 to 0.9.5c and some Test Versions in other threads. I’ve looked into that and found that slow ram speeds can cause this issue, is 2133 MHz enough? Also, I gave that other method of cabling another try and got it working with the psvr hmd connected directly to the 1060 and went through the usual process of enabling and disabling stuff and nothing changed.

    Anything I’m missing or am I actually supposed to be running Always-on reprojection?

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