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    In this week I’ve made many experimentation with trinus VR. I tried also Riftcat, I found Trinus more interesting with more features, but more chaotic…
    The help section is a window you can not enlarge, why???
    There are a lot of option, but the description is really short and there are no guide or tutorial in the trinus official homepage.
    I would like to use my smartphone like a steam VR, but when I use the steam VR preset I have no image on my smartphone screen. Also there is USE moonlight, but if I use it I don’t find any benefits.
    I want to know if is possible to use the smartphone as a steam VR compatible without tridef, and how?
    Now I use riftcat, even if the video quality is worse, beacuse it make my smartphone compatible with a steam vr.
    Thanks for any answer.


    Hi I concur with the person above. Still no step by step get you up and running guide on the page. I have been trying to get this working off and on for the last week I got as far as the Trinus VR server showing up on the android Trinus client software as a double screen. I would start quake and it would stop working! then my 10 minutes would run out and the client would disconnect. So I thought it was not working due to that.
    SteamVR there is a trip, once I got it to connect to the home room was setting up stand alone (whatever that is) and I ran out of my ten minuets. But now SteamVR won’t connect to the client says it can’t find it. (likely it is looking for the wrong client, but I haven’t found a setting where I can tell it where to look. Or it could be I am starting up software in the wrong order?
    Out of all the YouTube videos I have watched only one says the game must be in a windowed mode or the Trinus VR server won’t work!
    Yes I saw in the help it says run game full screen bad, run game windowed good! For some reason I thought you were talking about Resolution performance, not that the mode would not work at all! you may want to change the help file a bit, hi light what needs to be done in the game. So I have got Win Quake to run in windowed mode, and got it to work properly in the client for about five minutes before my time ran out. Original Quake was a DOS game, no window mode. Yea!
    Still Working on getting SteamVR to work and setting up google EarthVR as it is free.

    It is my opinion that setting up a program you want me to pay for should not be this hard. Even if it was free there should be something saying what each setting is used for. Is there information about these other (Real3D) programs and how to set them up?


    Sorry about the help not being clear enough, should update. Still, most of the info is there (eg. the context help on the side) and should work in most cases. Many variables can affect your results (phone, pc, network, installed software, firewalls, etc.).

    Capture mode Game should work fullscreen, General/Compatible windowed.

    Yes, there’s info online about Vireio, ReShade, TriDef and VorpX.


    What I don’t understand is the new web site has no help page, it does have a support page, but there is not much info there, then it sends you to the forum. The old web page had a help page with a good bit of information on it. But now you have to be a speed reader, because it auto updates to the new web site. The problem with the built in help is the font size is not adjustable, it would be great to have a help page with all the settings described as most web browsers allow you to zoom the page.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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