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    I have no gyroscope. I have an accelerometer. i’m using unity. so my idea is to get a bunch of vr cameras from the assets store and compare their scripts and settings. so basically I need two cameras split screen. then get them to receive input from a mouse or keyboard so I can move the view of both cameras at the same time. then i’ll work on resolution and focus if nessessary.


    update 1:
    I tried to get rid of the script in the camera and noticed no difference. also disableHeadTracking is found at least 3 times in the ui. also my camera position is stuck sideways. also I tried putting the ui camera in the hierarchy and the whole ui went with it. I don’t know where the sensor data is yet.


    update 2:
    I tried creating a new c# script. then copy paste the camera script. then removing some // from the script. then putting the new script in a different camera. I got an error and I couldn’t run my game until I deleted the script. my new question is what do sensor modes a b c do in the trinus android app?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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