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    Purchased Trinus and dowloaded steam VR yesterday, so hopefully this is just a noob question. BTW great stuff so far, you already made me very happy.

    So: my problem. I managed to setup and view SBS videos fine in 3d, but did not get 180/360 movies to work. Ie: The movies don’t respond to the PSVR movement, even if the ‘test window’ (the globe thingie) for steam VR is just fine and i can move the mouse with the headset.
    So basically: on PS4 i get tracking but no stereoscopy, and on PC i get the opposite. I want both!

    -should i be using some specific media player? (using 5k player)
    -should i be using some specific movie format? (downloading test clips as mp4)
    -should i be using some specific settings in Trinus (mouse tracking? position tracking? currently using in steam VR mode)
    -is there another known solution? or is this a known unsolved problem you are working on?

    Repeat: i’m talking about 360 movies with head tracking (not games with mouse-to-look).

    Thanks for any help any of you can offer.




    Purchased Whirligig VR Media Player from Steam (about 5$ish)
    Trius makes Steam VR work-> Steam VR runs Whirligig -> Whirligig runs movies.
    Worked fine for downloaded movie files. Works with mouse/keyboard input (Trius in Steam VR mode). Whirligig let me specify SDS, 180/360 and different projections.

    Didn’t find a way to stream VR movies from youtube etc, only for running files from hard drive.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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