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    I’m using an AMD R9 m370x. I’m running Windows 10 on a Mac but I only use Windows for VR. I only have one hdmi port on my laptop so I used that one and the usb right next to it for the PSVR. Everything is detected and seems to be okay except for one thing. As I turn my head, the tracking seems to snap every 4th of a second or so all along the turn. One thing I noticed is that it is smoother when I’m looking at something near (like the floor or the wall behind) but when it needs to render something more distant (like out the window), it goes back to snapping. I’ve tried much trouble shooting. I’ve tried running the game Subnaughtica to see if this was just an issue in the PSVR lobby area but it does it in game too. My current lead is that the Catalyst Control Center will not see that the PSVR device is able to take 120Hz. It is currently set to 1080P 60Hz. I can’t help but wonder if this is throttling the fps or something. Is the port coming from the R9 m370x not fast enough for the PSVR? If it is fast enough, is there anything that I’ve described that could be a problem related to the GPU, its drivers, etc…? Even so, 4 fps head tracking is nowhere near 60Hz. When I upped the tracking ratio to 1:4 It seemed to make it less annoying but it didn’t fix the issue.

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