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    Hi guys.
    I am here asking for help.
    I experience ghosting and stuttering starting from steamvr default screen.
    I also tried steamvr performance tool and I get medium-low mark, something around 5. And the only yellow item is indeed the gtx 1060.

    My setup:
    Ryzen 3 2200g
    16gb ram
    Gtx1060 6gb
    W10 pro 64bit

    I have primary screen psvr 1080 120hz custom resolution set in nvidia panel.
    secondary screen 1280×1024 60hz.

    I tried all the combinations of trinus options, and also steamvr options, but the ghosting and stuttering and frame loss remains.
    the compositor starts in the psvr screen, but i am not even sure it’s 120hz. I tried to set it to 60hz and did not see differences.

    Do you have any advice? It’s been 3 days of setup and now I have no ideas left!!!



    Hi, things to try:
    – SteamVR Start Mode with Ghosting fix
    – or with Delayed Single Display (so your 60hz monitor is not used, which is a reason for 120hz not to work in some setups)
    – lower the SteamVR sampling resolution


    Thank you Loxai for the advice, but I am again in trouble.

    I tried the single screen, without any sensible improvement.
    after this I plugged again the 60hz monitor, and since then I was able to have constant 120hz in psvr screen and 60hz on monitor.
    but I am having constant ghosting and some jitter when I stand still.
    I tried to lower graphic settings, or to set them high, but gpu stays between 40% and 60%. Cpu is between 60%and 80%.
    But steamvr keeps saying “frames lost” and I have ghosting and unclear vision when I move my head.

    All this using the “ghosting fix” of trinus.

    Am I missing some settings in steamvr, or in the gfx card?

    I am about to lose hope… 🙁


    I downloaded fraps.
    2d game runs at 1920×1080 at average 85fps everything maxed out (ultra).
    With medium settings I hit 100-110fps.

    On steamvr i have resolution set to 720p and everything at minimum.
    in the game screen I barely hit 40fps.

    Again, cpu and gpu ar at about 50%.

    If anyone has a hint, that would be much appreciated

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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