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    I managed to unlock the 60hz thanks to version 0.9.2 of Trynus PSVR, to 90hz…
    The problem is that now the latency is extremely high and sometimes it leads to VR shutdown (the game gets stuttering and disappears from headset). I have a NVidia 1060 3GB OC but the problem is with this trinus version because the last version was working ok (except the capped 60hz)

    I don’t know what to do to lower the latency that the last version of TrynusPSVR had.
    With nothing loaded the SteamVR latency is around 2.2 once i load a game it gets in the middle line and once the game starts it jumps almost to the max.

    What can i do? I already disabled the Async, Interleave and reprojection options in SteamVR and still the same latency 🙁

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