How can I improve the PSVR image quality and headtracking?

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    Hello, I am having a big issue on my PSVR headset when using Trinus PSVR.

    I noticed that it happens when I change from VR to Cinematic in the PC Mode setting.

    When I use the Cinematic mode, it gets really hard to read anything, really.

    But when I use the VR mode, I can clearly read text (even though I can only see part of the screen).

    When I ran Skyrim VR, my headtracking was also really odd. It wasn’t delayed, it was just flickering(?), way more than what I saw on gameplays.

    Also, when I enter a game (any game), it’s almost like I’m looking at an old tv screen, with limited colors (mostly those around black). Is this a PSVR thing? It’s the first time in my life I’ve put a VR headset on my head and it is so bad… I wasn’t expecting a super ultra hyper high efinition image, but it’s way too farfetched to call that a good image.

    The IPD setting doesn’t do anything, even after restarting Trinus.



    While messing around with some things, I also found out that the game was turning around smoothly on the PC monitor, but on the headset, it was kind of flickering…

    Even when the screen is supposed to stay fixed on the headset, when I move my head, it flickers a bit, which just makes me even more confused…

    The headset is set to 60Hz, I wonder if the problem is with the connection? (Everything I’m using is from the original box I received)




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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