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    I am able to get the program working both in VR mode and simply viewing the desktop but in either case, it is like watching a hig resolution screen through a glass of water or closed shower door. It’s not the image resolution but it appears like something is over the screen bringing the image out of focus.

    If I take the headset off and pull it further from my eyes it becomes clearer so it seems like there is a focus issue. I haven’t used the PSVR with the PS4 as I only purchased it for use on my PC so I cannot compare the image. But if it was as blurry as it appears to me, they would not be able to sell it as a completed product. I say that just to make it clear that I’m not nitpicking about screen door or less than monitor quality, but blurry enough that you can’t make out words, minimaps, etc.

    Please help. I have only a few days before I will have to return the PSVR if I cannot get it to function better.

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