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    System: Windows 10, 16GB DDR3, GTX 970
    Trinus Build: 0.9.9D test build
    Issue: Either SBS or Mouse control

    After a lot of hiccups setting up. I finally have the PSVR working – kind of. I see SBS, with high quality, the sbs follows where Im looking and no longer jump around (disabled position tracking).
    This is now functional. except that I have no controller (mouse/keyboard) when the sbs is showing. I have followed the advice on another post a few weeks back ( and have the sbs on the psvr, with the game itself on the monitor. If I try clicking on the monitor screen to select options I get the sbs go red and unviewable until I click back.
    If I click on the right screen (psvr) I get no response to the clicks.
    Can anyone advise on how to get the games working with BOTH viewing the SBS and clicking without losing one or the other?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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