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    Would it be possible to add “invert pitch” option to either PC server or phone app? Many people play FPS games with inverted mouse (every FPS has this option) and in order for HDM to use mouse tracker, pitch inversion is necessary (up/down) to avoid situation where you want to look down and you are actually looking up.


    PS.I metioned this in durovis forum but since we are moving here with trinus gyre discussion…


    Yes, I remember, but good to repost here 🙂
    Some users have discussed a similar issue and managed to do the trick by using a script in FreePie. This requires a few more steps to make it work though. In any case, I’ll be adding the feature for next release (hopefully coming by the end of the week).



    I’m having issues with inverting pitch. Actually Yaw invert also doesn’t seems to be working.
    I’m enabling invert pitch option inside server app (Sensors tab) but no luck.
    There is also option inside the Android up (VR Regular/Inverted) but there is no difference when switching between these options.
    Mouse cursor always follows the pitch direction of the phone movement.
    I’m using latest client/server software.
    Can you please what could be wrong?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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