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    My aim is to use trinusVR on the motion simulator for car racing sim/ flight sim

    Ok the 1st problem with using accelerometer and gyroscope on motion simulator is that the movement of the simulator interferes with the orientation of the instruments in the smartphone. So is it possible to use head tracking with IR LED and webcam / TrackIR solutions?

    2. Using head tracking with IR LED and webcam is difficult to do 1:1 head tracking because the line of sight of the camera. Which means turn my head too much the IR LED will be obstructed from the camera view. So is it possible to integrate both IR LED head tracking and acc/gyro on the smartphone to achieve true 1:1 head tracking?

    A little out of topic, but just wondering is z5 premium 4k resolution compatible with trinusVR. And is the USB3.0/2.0 bandwidth enough for 4k?? If not is it possible there might be a hack to utilize the 4k screen for this phone?



    Hi Clyevo,
    I have been testing with my HMD and IR tracker. I use a modded sony camera and custom printed tracker from hong kong from ebay. I have it attached it to my Carl Zeiss VRone. You can use a combination in Freepie where the phone’s gyros are used for the rotation x y z and IRLed tracking for Position x y z. I’ve been having trouble with it though as one tends to shut off when I am testing with minecrift.
    Getting 1:1 is going to take a lot of tweaking with just IRled and you only have roughly 80-100 degrees of head turn.

    I think I have read that Trinus+Moonlight streamer max out at 1080p 60FPS so any higher resolution screen is only good for less screendoor effect.

    I finally tested out the Oculus Rift DK2 and positon track is scary amazing… I wish someone would just release a LED tracking system similar to the constellations setup on the rift we can use for our DIY’s

    Hope this info helps


    Thanks for the reply. Its very helpful. I ll try freepie once i have time.

    I think moonlight has limitations because of nvidia specification on the stream. What if not using moonlight. Or another way could be to use two phones to achieve true full hd in 3d, one for each eye and diy headset for the enclosure. I hope this is possible maybe in the future. It could best an oculus.

    Anyway i have radeon so moonlight isnot possible.


    Gamestream is limited to 4k now

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