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    i’m having issues while using the combination of Trinus + Moonlight + JoyToKey.

    Trinus with Moonlight as video solution works just fine.
    Trinus with its internal video solution + JoyToKey works fine as well.

    Unfortunately JoyToKey stops working the second that Moonlight establishes it’s video stream. I tried disabling the two gamepad related options in the Moonlight app but had no success.
    The only way to get JoyToKey working again is to log off and on again in windows. Simply stopping the video stream or shutting down Moonlight and/or Trinus is not enough.
    According to the windows game controller properties the controller is working fine all the time.

    Any ideas?

    Best regards,

    My phone is a Galaxy S4 which is USB-tethered and i’m using a XBox360 Wireless controller. Trinus, the phone’s USB-Drivers, the Gamepad-Driver, the Moonlight app and JoyToKey are up to Date.



    I found the solution.

    Initially i had just one joystick in my JoyToKey profile. Without moonlight’s video stream running, my gamepad was beeing mapped to this joystick 1. With moonlight up and running the gamepad was (for reasons unknown to me) mapped to joystick 2. But As i had no joystick 2 in my profile it seemed like JoyToKey stopped working.

    Solution: I duplicated the joystick 1 so that i had a joystick 2 in my JoyToKey profile. Everything is working now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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