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    I ran the Test version of the program. Though it was a great concept, the Test worked for 10 mins without any problems, aside from the headset itself being not really made for my phone, anyway, I am having a problem with intense lag with the app, it occurs even on low/retro settings (yes i tried that) I have the phone connected to the PC with a USB cable and tried running it via tethering and ADB, still its lagging. My internet is not really getting used up as well.
    Also, it is possible to have a latency free solution by mirroring the PC display to the android by USB itself? (im no programmer)


    You are effectively mirroring the PC when using USB Tethering, which is the fastest option (ADB is rather slow in comparison).
    There are some tips on how to reduce latency in the help page. Note that decreasing the quality can help but is not a main factor (game resolution and Fake3d mode, which effectively halves the resolution required, have a bigger impact).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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