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    Sorry, I don’t usually make posts like this, I can usually work things out for myself. However, these have completely stumped me.

    First, the Leap Motion. I installed the drivers from GitHub, and SteamVR detects them, but the hands don’t appear. SteamVR says they aren’t tracking, but I don’t have a base station. This shouldn’t be a problem though, right? Because the Leap is supposed to do the tracking. This wouldn’t work on driver versions Alpha 8 and Alpha 3.

    Secondly, my gyroscope is very wrong. No matter how I run Room Setup in SteamVR, the real life floor is always straight ahead in VR. So, when I look normally IRL, SteamVR shows me the ceiling. I haven’t been able to solve this one either. Any insight would be appreciated.

    Trinus Server v2.1.3
    Leap Motion Drivers vAlpha 8 and Alpha 3 (not at the same time)
    SteamVR v1504061330


    I don’t remember how/where but it is possible a SteamVR json settings file needs to be edited to accept input from different sources (Trinus for head tracking, leap for hand tracking).
    Using the reset key (set in Trinus server>sensors tab) should show the tracking orientation correctly. If this doesn’t work, you can use the Pitch slider in Trinus server>SteamVR tab (eg. 90 degrees)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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