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    I got one of my favorite games and I would like to see it become playable with VR. The game supports SBS but I can only get it to work in capture mode “Window B”. Is there any way to get “Window A” working?

    Playing in Window B yields me about 10 to 15 FPS. Although window A show a black screen, Trinus is reporting 60+ FPS.



    You are getting 60+ fps in A mode because there is no content to stream (black screen). This happens with some games that use certain render modes, that’s why there is the mode B alternative. Try lowering resolution and quality to get better results.



    You are correct. I switched to WinB and lowered the resolution till I got my desired frame rate. It looks like I will need to upgrade my PC with some more horsepower to get the resolution up.

    If this helps anyone to get a baseline, my PC specs:
    AMD APU 3870K
    8GB Memory
    Playing at 986×520 @ 29 FPS (WinB and Router Wifi).

    Loxai, keep up the great work!



    Sry to revive this thread, but I havn’t had any luck with this. LFS now produces true 3D, so this works fine.

    But how to get tracking to work? Right now the only method i found working is the “FTNoIR/OT Redirect” option with opentrack and this induces quite some lag. I tried all sensor settings on the mobile (A,B,C) and also all FreeTrack and TrackIR Sensor Modes. None of them did work.

    Any suggestions?



    I have the same problem, tracking does not work. I only runs for about 2 seconds sometimes, then disconnects. On freetrack and trackir modes. With lfs starting after and before trinus

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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