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    first of all : thanks for this wonderfull piece of software; I really appreciate the effort and time which you are investing into this project.

    But I have a strange problem with all of the games which I have tested so far: The resolution seems to be very low. It almost looks like a game from 1999, like the resolution is set to 320×240.
    The funny thing is, that everything is perfect for the steamVR-showroom. As soon as I start for instance Assetto Corsa the resolution seems to drop dramatically.
    I experiance this problem with trinusPSVR and my android-mobile. If I use an alternative software, which should not be named here, the resolution is not that bad.
    The effect is moderated if FSAA is activated, but this is not really an option, as it also reduces the general framerate.
    To be honest: the image-quality of the other software without FSAA is far better, than trinusPSVR with FSAA.

    I highly doubt that the trinus-software is not able to send a better picture to the psvr, as the steamvr-showroom is “perfect”; there must be something wrong withe games or I am missing an important option in trinuspsvr.

    Do you have any idea if there is an option, which I should activate in your software or if this is a common problem?

    Thanks in advance for your help, and again : thumbs up for your software.

    ps : I also tried several game-resolutions, fullscreen vs windowed mode, .. but nothing helped.

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