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    I had Trinus PSVR 0.9.8b running well – and I updated it.
    After the update, it was still running well in VR but the window on the monitor that shows what’s happening in the game was not right.
    It showed the game stretched wide – or rather, at half height.
    Nothing that I tried could fix this (different resolutions in the game, changing the v-sync setting, windowed or borderless)
    I checked that the Monitor was V1 – as my PSVR Headset is v1.

    I had installed 0.9.9 as an update – not as a clean install.

    I uninstalled the Trinus software then installed 0.9.8b again – and it all worked fine.
    I wondered if the Monitor Drivers(?) V1 and V2 had somehow got switched (and the pixels were half the height).

    AMD FX 8320 (8 core) 3.5GHz
    Radeon R9 270X 2GB
    My computer should not be able to do VR but it does – thanks to you!
    I play only one game – Elite Dangerous – at Medium settings in VR.
    At 150% setting on SteamVR . . no jitter 30 to 60 fps – as long as I don’t adjust Trinus to counter the slow drift to the left of the headset. I just press a key to reset forward.

    Trinus is, to quote Ron Weasley, Bloody Brilliant!


    I don’t think this is monitor related.
    Have you tried changing the aspectRatio in Advanced tab>Lens Distortion?

    Also, note that 0.9.9k maps psvr mute and volume buttons to reset the view and to adjust drift correction

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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